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Assisted service for 12 months.



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all visa, mastercard and american express credit cards are accepted.

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ALL VISA / MASTER ? MAESTRO debit cards are accepted.

Pay through net banking account / ATM cum debit cards / diners club credit cards

all major net banking, ATM cum debit cards and diners club credit cards are accepted

free doorstep collection (cash, cheque, DD and credit card accepted)

place an online request or call 09446465900 to have your payment collected at your doorstep by our representative free of cost within 24 hours.

intimate matrimony offices (open on all working days, sunday holiday)

visit any of our offices loated in various cities in india and pay by cheque / DD in favour of
Intimate Matrimonials & Services Kerala Pvt Ltd.

pay at banks - stats bank of india, HDFC bank, ICICI bank & FEDERAL bank

visit any of the state bank of india or HDFC bank or ICICI bank or FEDERAL bank branches across india to make cash, cheque / DD payments. after depositing the cheque / DD, call 09446465900 with your cheque / DD details

UAE Exchange Money Transfer

You could avail the facility of UAE Exchange Money Transfer to make your payments

Western Union Money Transfer

You could avail the facility of Western Union Money Transfer to make your payments